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The parish council awarded a grant to Carver Road Community Centre for the enhancement of its heating system.





League of Friends
The parish council this year donated £300 to the Burton Hospital League of Friends to enable further improvement projects to take place for local residents.




The parish council have awarded a grant this year to the Thursday young people group hosted at St Chads Community .



                                                                                                                      The parish council this year supported Noble Dragons karateTaekwondo who hosted funded sessions in Horninglow to enable young people to attend several free training sessions.





The parish council this year gave a grant to St Chads Community Centre to enable them to introduce a gate to make the facility safer.


St Chads new gate




Belvedere Park Blue team – under 10.s

Eton support group

Touch of life

Kingfisher group

Carver Road Community Centre

Lansdowne School PTA

St Modwens School PTA

Trent and Dove Residence Association – Horninglow

Burton Respect Campaign


Kingfisher project


Groups we have funded

Belvedere Park Blue team – under 10.s